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Diverse Logistics Professionals, BWI is a multi-tier Freight  and Storage company that offers logistic and warehousing services throughout the continental United States. Even though we are a fairly new company  we have seen substantial growth in truckload services as well as intermodal. We are committed to creating innovative transportation services and Logistic solutions while striving to be the leader in the transportation business by saving our clients Money, Time, and Space while putting Safety first. We are dedicated to providing quality service with updated equipment which provides our customers with a sense of comfort that their cargo will be delivered to their highest expectations.

Diverse Logistics Professionals, BWI  will sit down  and develop a  strategic plan uniquely designed for the needs of each client. This  gives us the ability to take on any project regardless of its size and scope. Furthermore, we provide ongoing consultation with a common sense approach throughout our partnership in order to stay on the cutting edge of the newest innovations and technology in the logistics business.

Diverse Logistics Professionals, BWI offers advanced EDI and logistic modeling capabilities. Giving our customers the ability to track loads as well as inquiry via web about POD’s. We offer a variety of  truckload and intermodal transportation solutions to our customers that ensure products move quickly and efficiently to their final destination. Our focus is to provide consistent and reliable capacity for all of our  customers. We are relentless in providing professional service from our drivers to our executive office. We attribute our superior service to the commitment to our company’s core values.

Our Mission

Diverse Logistics Professionals, BWI will increase  freight management efficiencies and provide maximum hard and soft cost savings for our customers in the process of shipping by providing logistics solutions through our powerful and proprietary web-based transportation management system and integrated managed transportation services.


The Diverse Logistics Professionals, BWI’s vision is to establish ourselves as the best logistics service provider by garnering the respect of our shippers through developing successful and satisfied customers and employees by focusing on our niche: re-engineering the approach to solving logistics processes, freight management needs, while saving our customers Money, Time, and Space.



We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers and building long-term relationships.


We respect all people by honoring geographic and cultural differences.


We work in a manner that is safe to ourselves, others, and the cargo we deliver.


We conduct business with integrity, trust and transparency.


We collaborate with our customers, supplier partners, and each other to achieve success.


We are constantly seeking creative ways to improve our efficiency while saving costs for our clients.

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